The Ideal Team Player

I just attended the Willowcreek Leadership Summit last week and as always it was incredible. Each year I attend I leave encouraged by the new things I learn and confirmations of what I’m already doing. It’s personally and professionally very rewarding and I highly recommend attending it!

I’m never ever disappointed by what Patrick Lencioni delivers–ever. I’ve got all of his books on my shelf and look forward to each new one he writes.

Normally, I’d have read a book first before putting it up and recommending it, but in this case, I’m not going to wait. I already know it’s going to be great because each one delivers insight, helpful tips, and the encouragement every leader needs.

So, have a look. You won’t be disappointed either.

What do you do?

I spend a lot of time helping people discover who they are and answer the question “why do I do what I do?” There are reasons for everything we do, whether we are aware of them at a conscious level or not. Our behavior just flows out of our being. We don’t really even think […]

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Are you ready?

Our interpersonal relationships are critical for personal wholeness and professional success. We’re not wired for a completely independent life, to be lived alone. There are times we need to withdraw and get away to regroup, to get some clarity and perspective. The reality is, however, we need each other. Right? A healthy interdependence on others. […]

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What do you see through your frame?

A great “reframe” is powerful and can change everything for someone. We all see the world around us a certain way; which is developed over time and through a variety of experiences. We hold beliefs and values and attach meaning to everything based on them. We develop a “frame,” or mental structure that helps us organize […]


Standards of excellence are not chiseled in stone. They are constantly being redefined. It is important to recognize that what was graded excellent last year may not be so this year. That is why we must keep mastering new skills. –Bob Biehl

Do you know why?

Goals are good. When it comes to setting them and measuring progress, we ask all the right questions and use the right metrics to move forward and accomplish them; who, what, where, when, etc? The answers to those questions keep us on track, focused, purposeful. We measure, calculate, recalculate…it’s mostly tangible. The hardest part to measure, is the […]

The road to success