Are you ready?

Our interpersonal relationships are critical for personal wholeness and professional success. We’re not wired for a completely independent life, to be lived alone. There are times we need to withdraw and get away to regroup, to get some clarity and perspective. The reality is, however, we need each other. Right? A healthy interdependence on others. […]

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It’s a miracle.

During my counseling internship for my master’s degree, my faculty advisor talked about the power of one question we could ask our clients. This one question could identify where someone is currently and where they wish they could be: “During the night, while you were sleeping, a miracle happened. When you woke up, you discovered all […]

Miracles happen

Is it plumb?

We measure “stuff” all day. We measure how long it will take to do something or to get somewhere. We measure ingredients, calories, productivity, how many steps we take in a day, fruit and vegetable servings, water intake, cups of coffee, hours of sleep. We measure a lot all day. How do we measure those things? […]

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On the way to something great!

Welcome to a new adventure! “Measured Lives” was an idea born in my heart a few years ago and I’m thrilled to begin officially sharing what I believe will be an incredible journey of learning and living. The idea began developing when a former boss wrote on my performance evaluation, “Michelle’s words are measured, which […]

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