I love words.

I love words, language, communication. Words are useful, weighty, descriptive, have impact, can build up, or tear down, bring a laugh, help explain something to a listener, express joy, anger, sadness. I just like words.


For fun, I looked up the definition of “measured” and its related words. Here are some of my favorites as I think of them in light of measured living for measured lives:

“having notes of fixed rhythmic value; carefully thought out in advance; unhurried and with care and dignity; discuss the pros and cons of an issue”

“calculated, careful, deliberate, consider, certain, diligent, thorough, conscientious”

Great words.

This caught my attention the most: “regular or uniform, as in movement; to walk with measured strides.”

So then I had to look up “uniform”:

“identical or consistent, as from place to place, or moment to moment; without variations in detail; contstant; unvarying; undeviating”

Yes, great words. (Thank you http://dictionary.reference.com)

May I walk with measured strides, moment to moment, from place to place. And I will do that if I walk from a place of certainty; knowing who I am and why I do what I do. The beautiful outcome will be that others will know what to expect because they will know who I am, too. Constant. Unwavering.

I love words.

Do you? Are there words you know describe you? And are those the words you want to be known by?

If not, there’s so many others to choose from! Enjoy the search!



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