It’s a miracle.

Miracles happen

During my counseling internship for my master’s degree, my faculty advisor talked about the power of one question we could ask our clients.

This one question could identify where someone is currently and where they wish they could be: “During the night, while you were sleeping, a miracle happened. When you woke up, you discovered all the problems you had were gone and your life looked like you wanted it to. What would your life look like?”

I suspect many of us would say an overnight miracle might include a list of improvements in areas of family and personal relationships, job/career satisfaction, time management, goal achievement, financial security, and good health.

We know we can’t control the weather, we can’t control the economy or the environment, we can’t even control other people, despite our great efforts. We can control our own thoughts, attitudes, and behavior, however. We can control how we relate to others, how we choose to spend 40 hours a week, our diet, our time, and how we use our money.

What would you see if you woke up and your life looked like you wanted?

Can you create your own “miracle” by making changes in your life, to accomplish what you want? Are there areas of your life you can influence, so your life experience lines up with what you value and desire for your life?

It’s a great question: if a miracle happened tonight, how would your life look tomorrow?


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